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Outstanding Results No Matter How Dirty Your Carpet.

Please don't think that every carpet cleaning company is the same. Not all carpet-cleaners give the same results or drying times. Furnishings that can take days to dry out can often end up contaminated with fungal spores or bacteria.

Carpet & Upholstery cleaning is far more specialised than it was a few years ago, new fabrics and materials need bespoke chemicals, systematic cleaning is required to undertake safe cleaning techniques, i.e. proper rinsing of carpets after cleaning, is important to ensure that furnishings are left in a  'ph' neutral state and is safe for our children's sensitive skin. 

Our Gigantic cleaning machines have the power to remove 100% of the cleaning chemicals . They are built into a 3.5 ton vehicle and give cleaning power that just isn't possible from electric machines. They don't use your electricity as they have their own 'power-plant', carry their own water-supply and are capable of giving the most efficient  carpet cleaning.

We use no less that 3 different processes, so we actually clean your carpet 3 times over, the final process being being a 'Steam-Clean' from our HUGE Hydramaster machine.

Fast Drying Times

When cleaning you furniture or fabrics we use a Dri-Master system, this enables us to fully 'wash' and dry your 3pc suite without wetting the inside of the cushion.

Outstanding results: Far better than standard Cleaners

99% of all carpets we clean are 'Steam-Cleaned' using 'Truckmounted' Industrial Cleaning Equipment.  It's so effective that nearly every carpet we clean looks once again just like the day it was laid, no matter how dirty.

'Steam-Cleaning' not only cleans your carpets it also kills germs and bacteria. The results we get from this superb cleaning system even suprise us sometimes and it's the fastest drying system we've ever used, so we know you'll be pleased with the 'end-result'.

GUARANTEE:  We'll carry out every single job to the highest possible standard and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied we'll re-clean the item/s again completely FREE OF CHARGE and if you're still not happy we'll refund your money for cleaning that item in FULL!  

  • Deep Steam Cleaning for Carpets & Upholstery
  • 25 Years experience
  • £40'000 mobile cleaning system
  • Competitive pricing
  • Way better than the competition
  • Moneyback guarantee

We've been cleaning carpets and upholstery in Cheltenham for over 20 years.

Our mobile cleaning systems not only clean the surface of the carpets, but unlike other systems clean deep down to the base of the pile.

This guarantees that you not only get a much cleaner carpet, but it looks far better and will stay clean far longer.

Do the research... nothing cleans better than our system, it's not a gimmick just cold hard facts, after all why would we spend 40k on a piece of equipment if a couple of grand could return the same result.

Let us do a test area for you before we begin and if your not convinced that it's the most thorough carpet-clean you've ever had then we won't charge you a penny.